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About Dreadlocks & FAQ

There are so many myths, taboos & especially just Frequently Asked Questions about dreadlocks.
On this page i’d like to inform you to the best of my abilities and hopefully give an answer to your questions.
I want to point out that there is no right or wrong in having, getting or making dreadlocks.
There is a beautiful variety of methods of growing dreadlocks and is part of many different cultures all over the world, from all eras and ages...


If you're interested in these different cultures and in history of dreadlocks, there is this wonderful book you can find it online:

"Dreads" Franscesco Mastalia & Alfonse Pagano introduced by Alice Walker

What is the Seienstyle Method?

The technique I use for dreadlocks updating/maintenance, dreadlock healing & making new dreadlings is the Seienstyle method. This was taught to me by Ann-Marie of the Swedish Seienstyle Studio.
This technique includes making neat & even sectioning, a gentle magic touch when creating new dreadlocks and/or dreadlock which allows the hair to dread in a more natural way.
Using this method, I take into account your hair type, thickness & texture and the kind of dreadlocks you dream of!

What is making Dreadlocks?

Making dreadlocks is always a transformation and a process, both inner and outer. This process of transformation of both inner and outer is unique to everyone. Everyone has their own experience in this world and other worlds, and we each have our unique hair profile, way of life and so on. For Moonweaver, entering into the process of getting dreadlocks laid is a start of a new journey, just as shaving off or combing out is also a start of a new journey. We take that step from a certain feeling and then the transformation starts. Our appearance takes a different shape... What happens? How do we feel then? We travel a new road, and road to self-love. We learn to (like) see ourselves again in this new form....


'Technically', making dreadlocks is a felting process. The time of felting your newly laid dreadlocks differs for everyone and depends on your hair type, washing habits, colours or not, and the method used to make your dreads.

The first influence for shrinking your hair happens through the method of making your dreadlocks. There are countless techniques such as; free form (natural dreading/felting), twist & rip, wax dreads, twist & turn, crochet methods, methods using a chemical product, etc....)

I use the Seienstyle method. This is a gentle crochet method, (without wax and without chemicals) that allows the hair to molt as naturally as possible. In doing so, it is recommended to delay the washing process for a few weeks in the beginning preferably. By doing so, your hair will get used to the new shape it is in after dreading, and it will also shrink less quickly.

How long does my hair need to be for Dreadlocks?

This is primarily a personal choice for everyone, everyone has their own process, their own dreadlock desire, or vision for your own hair. I believe everything is possible, and everything has its beauty. I can give you my professional advice on this, though.

Moonweaver can make dreadlocks from 10cm,

But from 10cm to half-length / shoulder-length hair, it is recommended to lengthen the dreadlocks. To facilitate your growth & felting process of your dreads.

Extensions can be made from 10cm onwards but know that they often tend to dissolve quickly, which is doable if you come back regularly for maintenance or can update them (yourself) regularly. For extensions, I often recommend from 15cm anyway; that way you have a bit more overlap and they stay a bit firmer.

With 10cm - mid-length / shoulder-length hair, it's also sometimes advisable to wait until it grows out to shoulder length because they come loose faster in the beginning and then have to be touched up more often. Some people still really want to go for it and then just come back a bit more often in the beginning to touch up. Or you just choose to start without extensions out of some conviction or to save a cost of extension hair.

The Seienstyle method has little shrinkage at the start, so that's already a big advantage in terms of maintaining hair length (you'll find more explanation on this at the very top).

What about Washing dreadlocks?

Some people ask if you can wash dreadlocks,

First of all, obviously and above all this is a personal choice, some people deliberately don't wash their dreadlocks because of there own personal believes. 
This being said, i want to point out that yes, ofcourse you can wash them!
In my opinion, from my experiences and having dreadlocks myself, i would recommend to wash them with a chemical-free softener-free shampoo. Mainly it's important to wash & rub your scalp thoroughly and let your natural shampoo run down your dreadlocks.  
If you want to go "no-poo" as they call it, then go and educate yourself about this topic, because still then there are some tricks & tips or maybe even some hacks that you can do to keep your skin healthy. 

Can i bring/use my own hair for dreadlocks with extensions or extenders?

Yes! If you like the energy of your own hair, or hair from a family member, or maybe you just want to save some money...This is a great way to honour nature and treasure lost hair, or cut-off hair from a family member. Some people even ask to blend in some hair from a pet...

It is only possible to add your own hair or dreadlocks. if you still have loose hairs you can save up, you already saved up or maybe you still have some cut-off hair from the past. 

If you have a full head of dreadlocks you can extend them with your own dread (maybe some broke off, cut-off; if this is the case they can be re-added...) Or it is also possible to make extenders from loose hairs that are gifted to you by a friend, family member, or even a pet!

Please note to ask for advice with your professional loctician before hand!

- save your loose hairs from a hairbrush and keep , save them in a dry & clean bag, somewhere in a dry, clean and neat place. 

- some people have saved up some of their own hair they cut off in the past (keep it dry, neat & clean). 

- maybe some family cut their hair short and want to donate their hairs. Always ask permission to this person first! It's very important to do this with honour and respect. (Keep it dry, neat & clean)


Can I dye my dreadlocks and how? Which kind of products can I use?

Well, you have options.

Lots of people who have dreadlocks prefer to use henna (for black, brown or red) because it’s a more natural product, it will be less damaging for your hair, and the henna colors can be very vibrant.

You can also choose a different dye product of your choice for a crazy color for example.

In this case it is wise to keep in mind that; when you bleach or use a de-coloring product, that it can do damage to your dreadlocks, or make your dreadlocks weak. (As this is always the case, even with normal loose hair)

If you wish to color your dreadlocks; keep in mind that:

  1. No matter which product you want to use, you will need more packages than when your hair is loose. So for example; some people who dye their dreads will need 3 packages instead of 1
  2. If you have human hair extensions; yes you can color them but the color result can be different than with your own natural hair color.

  So a good idea is to run a test with a little  piece of your hair & also extension hair.


  1. Make sure to take out all of your dreadlocks decoration before you start to dye. If you have fake/synthetic hair extensions in, do not color them! 
  2. While you are dying your dreadlocks, the weight of your dreads can get more heavy, because dreads soak up more water & hair dye. So take care of your neck & posture or better let someone help you ☺️
  3. I do not recommend going from black or dark brown to blonde or high blonde / platina / white tones with your dreadlocks. Because of the obvious reason that dying your hair blonde & using bleach is highly damaging for your hair and certainly for your dreadlocks.

If you want to change your haircolor drastically from dark to light, it is recommended to do this before you get your dreadlocks, and it is always better to do this gradually! 

However this being said, everything is possible!
Do it with consideration and thought. Think about the other state of your hair / dreadlocks. Are they healthy? Thick? Ferm? If you already notice a lot of breakage, please consider not to dye it and ask for advice with your local hairstylist or locktician 🤗! 

How to maintain my dreadlocks at home?

Yes it is possible.
It first of all it's important to learn how to do it properly. Preferably use a soft-crocheting method. 
Even if you let a friend help you, that's great & fun to do! But make sure you know what they're up to with your hair. Ask them which techniques they use. The best way is to use a soft-crocheting method. 

Here you can click this link below,
it will guide you to an online course offered by Seienstyle on how to maintain your dreadlocks at home.