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About Moonweaver

Photo by Hanne Francis

Hi there beautiful being!
My name is Esther and I am the woman behind Moonweaver.

I am a free spirited & nature inspired artist  (illustration, sculpture, ceramics), dreadlockhealer (loctician).
Tattoo apprentice. Spiritual Holistic Healer.

In 2018 I started my professional Seienstyle Loctician Training and i'm a #Seienstyleaffilliate since September 2020 in Belgium.

Photo by Hanne Francis


All of my life I have been creating visual arts, crafts & accessories. I am very passionate about many things but drawing is my life & creating is my medicine.Some of my visual artworks can be viewed here, recent work is not available online. https://estherfrancis.wordpress.com


My dreadlock story

My fascination for dreadlocks started since i was a kid, and one of many favorite activities i had since than was crocheting. Dreadlocks have been in and out of my hair since my teenage years and yes, it has been quite a journey. But my love for dreadlocks kept on growing.

When i was 14 made my first dreadlocks on myself and i liked very much, unfortunately i combed them out again because i couldn't handle the negative comments coming from family. I kept two or three in. As the years past, and hairdo's changed... I put them back in, but neglected them too much.  Life went on and on certain point i had dreadlocks with sidecuts. I started traveling and let my hair grow again. I missed the rest of my dreadlocks, and at one point a friend proposed lock the rest in again, sadly i was really unhappy with the results and combed them out again! Some time after that i started to do it again together with my partner and it felt already better again...

Almost two years ago i was a dreadlock hairmodel for maintenance & extenders for Seienstyle affiliate Kathleen from Forest Roots. This was a  real transformation for me! I felt like myself again and i finally got the dreadlocks of my dreams! She inspired me to look into the Seienstyle Loctician Course and, i felt, this was something for me.

Now I’m so happy and grateful that i’m a Seienstyle Affiliate. 
I love being a loctician and doing dreadlocks because i can combine all of my creative skills, and share the satisfying joy of transformational empowerment.

I am looking forward to hear all about your  dreadjourney!

A Spiritual Journey


Weather we are conscious about it or not, we are humans, but we are also multidimensional spiritual beings.

Since i was a child i was already obsessed by many spiritual questions, practices... without realizing what this would mean to me. I was mesmerized by stones & crystals. Finding them on my walks wherever we traveled.

i felt a strong connection with them and talked to them.

It might sound crazy for many people, and at that time i realized people didn't understand this, so i decided not to speak of it.

Throughout my life i have never lost touch with my spiritual path and often walked this path alone.

But many years later, i feel that in these times, people are more open tounderstanding towards this & have a more healthy curiosity towards spirituality. 

Going on a spiritual journey is a journey of selflove,

where we are inspired and inspire others to journey towards selflove.

I believe we all are children of Mother Earth and we all have a power within us to heal ourselves.

We are all magical miraculous creatures who have the power to heal themselves.


Healing happens within ourselves and by or own inner strength & power, as we are indeed magical creatures.

I consider healers as creatures who channel and help others reconnect with our Mother Earth.


I am a New Earth high priestess, Shambalah & Reiki master healer.

Cacao ceremony

Intuitive Healing & Energetic Coaching