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Dreadlock Services

Moonweaver offers many different dreadlock services 

As a professionally trained Loctician & Seienstyle affilliate , i use a Seienstyle methode for dreadlock creation, healing maintenance & other dreadlock services.
Basically this method is a technique all about making neat & equal divisions and a soft magic touch to create new dreadlocks or do some dreadlock healing. 
I use a backcomb & crochethook without overworking the hair so it can still breath, allowing the hair to dread more naturally.

I take in account your type, thickness and texture of your hair and what dreadlocks you are dreaming of.!

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Dreadlock Maintenance

Dreadlock Maintenance

Roots €35 per hour

Dreadlock Maintenance
Full length €35 per hour

Dreadlock Maintenance
Healing €35 per hour

Creating dreadlocks  on your own hair

Braid-in locks

Optional & Other dreadlock  Services

Blunted/rounded end

For half/partial head ~ €40

For a full head ~ €75

Flowy Ends

€6 per dread