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Root maintenance + replacing white synthetic extensionhairs

Healing partial dreads & replacing paining too heavy synthetic extensions with natural extensions 

💚  Healing maintenance €35 per hour 

Do you feel you need a healing hand to help you restore your broken dreadlocks?

Maybe even a restructuring?

You might even have some holes inside your dreadlocks or are you desperate for a severe maintenance from roots until ends?

Then this kind of maintenance can help you heal. Healing maintenance can be a combination of maintaining & healing dreadlock tlc. 

This service includes maintaining your existing dreadlocks, tidying the roots and crocheting loose hair into your dreadlocks mending/restoring/restructuring dreadlocks to allow your scalp to breathe again.

When extensionhair is needed the price may be added to the hourly rate.

Price depends on how many dreads you have, length & work needed.
Estimate is made about full head of dreads. estimated time around 6- 8 hours ~ €210 - €280


➰ Blunt ends • you can choose blunt / rounded ends. Here the ends of your dreadlocks get tucked in with a crochethook.  Cost: €3 extra per dreadlock. €40 for half a head of dreads. €75 for a full head of dreadlocks.

♾ Flowy ends • You can choose to add a little extra loose real human extensionhair at the ends to create a fuller effect for a supplement of €6 per dreadlock.