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Extending your partial dreadlocks + maintenance 

5 hours and over • price varies depending on costs & requests

You already have a partial set of dreadlocks but you are longing for an ultimate transformation?

This service includes:

° Maintenance on your own partial dreadlocks from the roots until the ends

° Adding of the dreadlock extenders made from natural extension hair, hand-blended colours to match your own hair

° Natural extensionhair 

° Aftercare guidance

I will do a full maintenance on your existing dreadlocks from root until ends using the Seienstyle method, backcomb loose hairs and add a root tie; this will help keep loose hairs in and encourage new growth hair to lock up faster into a neat dreadlock shape and makes it easier to keep your dreadlocks separated. I will crochet loose hair into your dreadlocks. I will check & repair any weak spots on your dreads.

To create the dreadlocks extenders made from natural extension hair and for a more natural look I usually make the dreadlock extenders immediately on your own dreadlings.


➰ Blunt ends • you can choose blunt / rounded ends. Here the ends of your dreadlocks get tucked in with a crochethook.  
Cost: €3 extra per dreadlock. €40 for half a head of dreads.

♾ Flowy ends • You can choose to add a little extra loose real human extensionhair at the ends to create a fuller effect for a supplement of €6 per dreadlock.