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Pricelist for Moonweaver's dreadlock services

(Professionally trained dreadlock artist & Seienstyle affiliate)

Pricing for dreadlock services at Esther (Moonweaver), please note that this is about pricing, to get a more specific price feel free to contact me through or website or send an e-mail so I can think of a more specific price.

Dreadlock maintenance: an average of €35 per hour, it takes about 2-3 hours to run through a whole head of full length dreads. The duration depends on how many, how long & how messy your dreads are.

For example, if you would like me to add additional hair extensions to smooth out certain dreads or to only crochet root maintenance (the top of your dreads), please contact me to get an estimated pricing information. If you want to lengthen or thicken certain dreads, there will be an additional charge for the hair extension (100% human hair), please contact me for estimate pricing info.

Dreads on your own hair: price ranges between €270 - €520, depending on how long your hair is and how far you want flowy ends or blunted ends. For example, making blunt ends takes much longer.  Time varies 4-8 hours. Please contact us for a more specific price & time estimate.

Dreads with extension of real hair: price ranges from €385 - €750, time varies about 5-14 hours. The price varies on how long you want dreads and also how long it takes to make them. Everything is done in one / two days and it is good if you keep your evening free as well because it is very difficult to determine how long it will take to complete such a job. Please note additional costs for real hair extensionhair will be added, contact me for a more specific price.

Extension of existing dread: price around €390 - €520 depending on how many dreads you have, how thick they are and how long they need to be. Maintenance of your existing dreadlocks included. Time required about 4-12 hours. Please note additional costs for real hair extensionshair will be added, contact me for a more specific price.

Pinch braid dreadlocks: €35 an hour. Time varies about 4-6 hours. Moonweaver can braid in your already existing synthetic, wool or real hair double ended or single end dreadlocks. Time it takes depends if it's a redo or if it is starting from a clear head of hair.

Consultation: The cost for a consultation is €35. If you book a time for hair after your consultation, the deposit will be moved to that time.

For all booked times, a deposit must be made for your reserved and ready time.

PLEASE NOTE: If you can not arrive at your booked time, be sure to inform me in time. I have a list of people who want to come and get their hair done, so if you choose not to arrive at your booked time, you will be charged for the missed time. Bookings can be made through contactforms or e-mail.


° To reserve your spot through our online booking system you need to pay €35 in advance.
° If you want to reserve your spot for a full head of dreadlocks or dreadlocks with extensions, you will
need to book in 2 or more days.
Please consult Moonweaver first to know how to book in your spot or make reservations through e-mail.
° For dreadlock maintenance or new dreadlocks up until partial heads, 1 booking day will suffice.
° For maintenance for partial dreadlocks, peekaboo or new dreadlocks from 1 - 10 dreadlocks, a half of day will suffice.

Please email us with any questions: esther@moonweaver.be

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