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Tree of life & Dragon Bloodstone - Ring

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Item number: Pièce Unique

a Sunweaver's collection

High End • Spiritual • Craftmanship • Jewelry

This magical ring was created with the intent to wear as a talisman, a powerful object to remember our bound with Mother Earth, Father Sky and all our relations. We are all part of a wonderful cycle called life.
As above so below. A great reminder that true transformation, master energy copes from the inside out. Inspired by the lungs of our Mother Earth, inspired by the great tree of life. 
This unique creation can be custom ordered with personalized choice of gemstone. Feel free to contact us with your request or for more info or questions. We are happy to connect & help.  

°Dragon Bloodstone halfgemstone:

The deep green symbolizes a dragon’s tough skin with a tender heart. In comparison, red is the color of a dragon’s blood, representing the life force and raw energy.
As a dragon is a creature of justice, Dragon Blood Stone helps you understand the difference between right and wrong, and it gives you the strength to do what’s right.
The Dragon bloodstone shows you a true picture of justice and gives you the wisdom to make better decisions than you did in the past.The beautiful Dragon Blood Stone assists in drawing energy from the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space.

Where it gives you the power to become braver, Dragon Blood Stone also grounds your energies. Moreover, Dragon Blood Stone shields you from evil energies in your environment puts up a protective barrier.

° Tree of life symbol 
The tree of life closely relates to the world tree, a motif found across many cultures that is typified by the Norse belief in the sacred tree Yggdrasil, and the tree of knowledge, which was said to grow in the Garden of Eden, in Abrahamic religions

° 925 Sterling Silver

° Size: 

° Polished

° Unique piece

° Handcrafted in Belgium:

Every piece of these Sunweaver collection is unique. Every stone has a unique shape & color. The power of the gemstones were enhanced with Reiki.