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Triquetra Mage Ring - Aquamarine

Item number: 000
€720.00 €540.00

a Sunweaver collection

High End • Spiritual • Craftmanship • Jewelry

This magical ring was created with the intent to wear as a talisman, a powerful object to remember our bound with Mother Earth, Father Sky and all our relations. We are all part of a wonderful cycle called life.
This unique creation can be custom ordered with personalized choice of gemstone. Feel free to contact us with your request or for more info or questions. We are happy to connect & help.  

° Aquamarine  halfgemstone:

Aquamarine ~ Aqua Marina

This soft glowing stonefriend brings us solace... helps us work through emotions and let them flow like water. Enhances honesty, compassion and patience with our fellow earth beings. Aquamarine brings us clarity, to see clearly and focus. For our mind; bringing order within chaotic thinking. Sharpening intellect. Calling in playfulness & creativity... Supporting us emotionally and enhancing responsibility. Physically, aquamarine has many healing abilities and is great for auto-immune dis ease, inflammations, insect bites, irritations, eczema, working great for sight & senses, etc....

° 925 Sterling Silver

° Size: circumference 18mm 

° Polished

° Unique piece

° Handcrafted in België:

Every piece of these Sunweaver collection is unique. Every little stone has a unique shape & color. The power of the gemstones were strengthened with Reiki.